About The Striped Phoenix

We are a Deaf-owned and woman-owned creative agency and we are proud to hire and train Deaf talent. Which is truly something. We continuously strive to provide any sort of medium that people can relate to. If you would like to submit a design request, please fill out the contact form and we will be happy to assist you with your project.

The Team


Michelle Shean

The head honcho and director of the agency. With her extensive knowledge on what makes good design, she is always burning up for more. Her hobbies include photography and working on her comic art.

Check out Michelle's portfolio website.


Yalda Shahrokhi

The creative contractor of the agency and cat lover. She designs websites, flyers, logos, and much more. Her hobbies include video games, books/mangas/comics, baking and knitting. And she can draw a lot of things.